Brenda Gutierrez


My name is Brenda Gutierrez. I'm a first generation Mexican American actress born and raised in San Diego, CA.

My introduction to acting began while attending a beginning acting class at a community college. At the time I was pursuing a degree in political science at San Diego State University. Within a couple weeks of completing the acting class, I made the decision to discontinue my academic studies, and move to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. I've completed a two-year Meisner program, taught by Don Bloomfield, student of the late Sanford Meisner, and alumni of The Neighborhood Playhouse School in New York.

Additional training includes Improv at The Groundlings, TV Sitcom Essentials at Actors Comedy Studio, commercial training at Killian's Workshop, and commercial voice over at The Voice Caster.

I continue to attend Don Bloomfield's weekly master class. Always asking more of myself, and continually striving to produce honest and vulnerable work.

On a ordinary day you can find me exploring the many hiking trails of Los Angeles, browsing the new age section of Barns and Noble, and cooking up new plant based dessert dishes.


  • Monogamy Killed Romance

Lead. Director: James Elinski

  • The Sun

Supporting. Director: Renae Robles


  • Tittle Max Dir: Jaromy Siporen
  • Knack App Dir: Jason Baffa
  • Rug Doctor Dir: Matthew Pittroff
  • Go Fund Me
  • Grupo Med Legal


  • One Last Thing Before You Go

Lead. Driector: Aaron Vanek


  • Improv: The Groundlings
  • Film: Don Bloomfield
  • Tv Sitcoms: Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher, Lauren Bertoni
  • Commercial: Killian McHugh, Terry Berland, Ross Lacy/Alison Horn Casting
  • Voice Over: The Voice Caster

Voice Over Reel.

Theatrical Reel.